UCCRN European Hub at the Durban Urban Design Climate Workshop (UDCW) - Capacity Building & Best Practice Prototypes

The UCCRN Urban Design Climate Workshop sessions will allow representatives from Durban to integrate and scale up mitigation and adaptation principles by reducing energy consumption in the built environment, strengthening urban climate resilience, and enhancing human comfort and quality of life. Through the participatory engagement of the City Teams, the Climate Workshop will demonstrate that through energy-efficient urban planning and urban design, compact urban districts can work synergistically with high-performance construction and landscape configuration to create interconnected, protective, and attractive urban areas that promote mitigation, adaptation, resilience, and transformation.

The Isipingo district of Durban, South Africa will be the focus of the workshops, with teams of participants (i.e. City Teams) drawn from city governments as well as relevant stakeholders within cities. The Program Outcome envisions participating City Teams interacting and learning from each other’s experiences implementing climate change programs and initiatives, using the existing Local Area Plan and isiPhingo Urban Design Framework as the status quo and best case scenarios.  The goal of the sessions will be to facilitate implementation and planning across line functions within the city, through the Durban Climate Change Strategy Technical Task Team, by developing implementation actions.

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February 18-22, 2019
Durban, South Africa