► Co-Directors, European Hub of the Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN)

• Dr. Chantal Pacteau

CNRS Senior Research Scientist

• Pr. Luc Abbadie

Professor of Ecology, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC)

Director, Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences-Paris (IESS)


Assistante: Catherine Muneghina

Tel: +33 (0)1 44 27 32 53
E-mail: catherine.muneghina[at]


► Location: 

IEES/UPMC, Case courrier 237
4 place Jussieu
75252 Paris cedex 05


► Urban Climate Design Workshop Scientific Responsible 

• Pr. Mattia Leone

Assistant Professor in Building Technology and Environmental Design

University of Naples Federico II - Department of Architecture (DiARC)

E-mail: mattia.leone[at]


► European Hub web master

• Zhiwei Zhu

Project manager & multimedia engineer 

University of Versailles St Quentin / University of Paris-Saclay - CEARC research centre

E-mail: zhiwei.zhu[at]