International Workshop “Climate-Resilient Urban Design” in Napoli

The workshop, part of the UCCRN UCDW – Urban Climate Design Workshop workshop series, is promoted by the Department of Architecture (DiARC) of University of Naples Federico II, within the Research Project SIMMCITIES_NA, in partnership with UCCRN - Urban Climate Change Network, New York Institute of Technology, University of Paris-East Marne la Vallée, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.

The workshop, focused on the area of Ponticelli (East Naples) and involving over 60 international students and scholars, aims to explore integrated design strategies for creating sustainable and resilient communities that can adapt and thrive in the changing global conditions, meet carbon-reduction goals, provide new public spaces and facilities in relation to community priorities, by configuring or retrofitting compact and mixed-use eco-districts. The proposed design method is process-oriented and focuses on sequential and iterative steps bringing to projects’ implementation through a multi-disciplinary and multiscale approach.

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October 05-12, 2018
Napoli, Italy