The first UCCRN_EDU multiplier event - Bringing Science in Action

The first UCCRN_EDU Multiplier Event will take place in June 1st 2022 in Paris, hosted by Sorbonne University and the UCCRN_EDU Associated Partner UCCRN-Europe. 

The event will be supported by all the major associated partners - UCCRN Global and Regional Hubs, ICLEI, Climate Chance, Cité-ID, URNet, NYIT / Raven A+U - which will be invited to present ongoing and planned initiatives where synergies and potential partnerships with UCCRN_EDU can be envisaged, especially for students traineeships, thesis preparation and PhD research (such as e.g. the UCCRN ARC3.3; the ICLEI Academy; the Cité-ID Living Lab; the Climate Chance Summit, etc.).

The Multiplier Event will be connected to the first UCCRN_EDU Intensive Study Programme (Paris UDCW), taking place in Paris from May 28 to June 3, hosted by Université Gustave Eiffel. This will allow to discuss the methodology and tools applied by the UCCRN_edu with the Associated Partners and identifying potential synergies and collaboration for the implementation of operational tools to support climate-resilient design, planning and governance.

A draft and synthetic version of the “Climate-Resilient Urban Planning, Design and Governance Handbook: Methodological framework for implementation” will be presented, focusing on the methodological principles and methods for multidisciplinary integration, as well as the approach envisaged for the involvement of public/private urban decision-makers and stakeholders.

A draft of the “Urban Design Climate Workshop (UDCW) Report” will be presented, based on the activities conducted in Paris in 2021 and 2022. It will represent an excellent example of the UCCRN_EDU educational approach, aimed at training a new generation of researchers and practitioners able to support climate action and energy transition in cities worldwide. This will allow to gather feedback on the proposed approach based on the experience of the involved participants, so to integrate suggestions in the following UDCWs to be implemented, as well as to collect interest in replicating similar workshops in other cities, as a follow-up of UCCRN_EDU dedicated to student and executive education “on the ground”, in response to actual urban challenges and priorities as defined by local stakeholders and communities. The current version of the “UCCRN Case Study Docking Station” will be presented, opening to a call for  interest to all Associated Partners which will be asked to suggest, based on their contacts and activities with cities worldwide focusing on climate change and resilience, potential candidates for case studies cities which are implementing climate-resilient actions, and to identify possible international referees to be contacted by UCCRN_EDU students and staff during the implementation of the Case Study Docking Station within the UCCRN_EDU Courses.

Paris Multiplier Event will be held at the Centre International de Conférences, 4 Place Jussieu.


June 01, 2022
Paris, France