KNOWING aims to develop a modelling framework to help understand and quantify the interactions between impacts and risks of climate change, mitigation pathways and adaptation strategies. The framework will be used to assess the interrelations between public and private adaptation and mitigation strategies in order to identify mitigation pathways along optimised combinations of interventions in different sectors (e.g. energy, mobility, land use, construction, agriculture).

The framework will focus on three main Climate Impact Contexts (CICs): (1) Heat waves & health, (2) Soil fertility & agriculture, and (3) Flooding & infrastructure (including river and coastal flooding). It be applied in four Demonstrator and five Follower Regions by involving authorities, stakeholders and citizens to develop enhanced activation and empowerment services, providing target-group-specific awareness, education and decision support tools to improve the comprehensibility of complex interrelations and support strategic planning of combined adaptation and mitigation measures.

The project team aims at establishing a a continuous engagement of UCCRN and the UCCRN European Hub in particular, together with other key networks such as ICLEI, to support the strategic knowledge knowledge, with the aim of involving a broad community of regional/local actors in research activities, providing stakeholders working on innovations to accelerate the implementation of mitigation and adaptation strategies.

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