Territory and climate, GREC in Île-de-France

A study funded around climate change by the CNRS and supported by the Île-de-France Region is starting for the next 14 months. It will be led by GREC Ile-de-France, a multidisciplinary group of scientific experts.

The objective is to understand climate change, the loss of biodiversity in the Île-de-France region and the scientific needs.

Following the regional COP last September, the regional council launched the first stage of the revision of the masterplan for the Île-de-France region (schéma directeur de la région Île-de-France (Sdrif)).

Regional elected officials voted to launch a consultation with Île-de-France residents for "the development of a circular Île-de-France ZAN (zero net artificialization), ZEN (zero net emissions) by 2040".

The Regional Council will steer discussions with local elected officials and work with the regional study group of climate change (GREC). The experts will determine in particular the environmental impacts of this change on the territory, with a projection until 2100.

Robert Vautard, director of the Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace (IPSL), Luc Abbadie, director of the Institut de Transition Environnementale (ITE) are the leaders of this group.


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February 01, 2021
Paris, France